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Omega Refining Corporation (Omega) is a major United States stakeholder in the used motor oil (UMO) re-refining industry.

Since 1994, Omega and its predecessors in southeastern Louisiana have established themselves as leaders in operating re-refining facilities.  Omega currently operates the second largest UMO re-refining facility in the United States.

The transportation and industrial sectors in the United States generate approximately 230 billion gallons of UMO annually, but only about five percent is re-refined. While more re-refining facilities are coming on-line, the number is few; and compared to Europe, our nation lags dramatically.
By increasing its number of operating facilities, Omega will assist in building stronger economies in the communities where our facilities are located; creating good-paying jobs, generating local and state taxes and increasing the amount of local goods and services purchased. By increasing the amount of re-refined UMO in the marketplace, Omega will also assist in reducing dependence on foreign oil and better protect the environment.

Used lubricating oil is a renewable resource and a valuable commodity. Omega is committed to promoting and developing the re-refining industry, and to increasing the number of re-refining facilities it operates.

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Omega Refining